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Are the recipes your own creation?

Yes.  I get recipe ‘ideas’ from lots of different places, but I tweak, omit, add, change, and substitute in order to make it my very own.  These recipes have all been tried and tested on my most honest and true critic, my husband.  He’s always very kind and still eats whatever I make, but I can tell I have a winner when it evaporates off his plate (pst… I only post ‘winners’).  Some of his most favorites are my Cajun Jambalaya Pasta and my Breakfast Quiches.

What camera do you use?

Right now I use my Canon Rebel T4i with a macro 60mm/2.8 lens.  I’m loving the quality and learning about all the fun things it can do.

What has helped improve your photography?

I still have lots to learn about photography.  However, I recently purchased Tasty Food Photography eBook from Pinch of Yum and it was worth every single penny… and it didn’t even cost very many pennies!  This eBook helped me understand aperture, shutter speed, editing, staging, and so so so much more. It’s a steal for all the quality content you receive.

My first photo shoots after getting the eBook are my Apple Fruit SandwichesFluffy Whole Wheat Pancakes, and my Strawberry Banana Morning Smoothie.  I’m far from perfect, but the quality has drastically improved!  Thank you Tasty Food Photography eBook!!!